Are Blackjack Side Bets Good?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, and it is easy to understand why. It is a game that combines skill and luck, making it both exciting and challenging.

However, many casinos now offer side bets on blackjack games. These side bets can be tempting, but are they really worth it In this article, we will explore the world of blackjack side bets and whether they are good or bad for players.

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What Are Blackjack Side Bets

Before we delve into the world of blackjack side bets, let us first define what they are. A blackjack side bet is an optional wager that a player can make in addition to their main bet in a game of blackjack. These side bets usually have nothing to do with the outcome of the main game but are based on certain events occurring during the course of the game.

Some examples of common blackjack side bets include:

  • Perfect Pairs – A bet that the player’s first two cards will be a pair
  • 21+3 – A bet that combines the player’s first two cards with the dealer’s upcard to form a three-card poker hand
  • Bust It – A bet that the dealer will bust on their hand

The Pros and Cons of Blackjack Side Bets

Now that we know what blackjack side bets are let us examine their pros and cons.

PRO TIP:Blackjack side bets can be tempting, as they offer the opportunity for bigger wins with a small investment. However, they typically have a higher house edge than standard blackjack and should be approached with caution. It is important to know the odds of each side bet and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

The Pros:

  • Potential for Big Winnings: One obvious advantage of making a successful side bet is that you can win big. Some side bets offer payouts as high as 100:1.
  • Variety: Side bets can add variety to a game that may otherwise become repetitive.
  • Low Minimum Bets: Many side bets have low minimum bets, making them accessible to players with small bankrolls.

The Cons:

  • Low Odds of Winning: The odds of winning a side bet are usually much lower than the odds of winning the main game. This means that players are more likely to lose money on side bets than win.
  • Increased House Edge: Because the odds of winning a side bet are lower, the house edge on these bets is usually much higher.

    This means that players are more likely to lose money over time if they make regular side bets.

  • Distracting: Side bets can be distracting and take away from the main game. Players may focus too much on making side bets and not enough on playing blackjack strategically.


So, are blackjack side bets good The answer is not straightforward.

If you are looking for a chance at big winnings and do not mind risking some extra money, then side bets may be worth it. However, if you want to play it safe and maximize your chances of winning in the long run, it is best to stick to the main game and avoid making regular side bets.

In conclusion, blackjack side bets can be exciting and lucrative, but they also come with risks. It is important for players to weigh up these risks carefully before deciding whether or not to place a side bet.