PPPoker Clubs: A Comprehensive Review (2023)

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About PPPoker App and Clubs

Despite its name, PPPoker is not a real money poker site. The club host is the only entity endorsing any monetary value. Anyone new to the poker scene should know that PPPoker is a major game changer.

PPPoker can be compared to cryptocurrency in relation to the established financial system. AceKing Tech Limited is responsible for creating PPPoker. As you read on, you’ll realize why their tagline is “For Poker Lovers by Poker Lovers.” After a successful launch in 2015, they have quickly gained popularity among poker players thanks to a number of unique features that set them apart from standard online poker rooms.

PPPoker For Poker Lovers by Poker Lovers

In short, PPPoker facilitates the establishment of virtual poker rooms where individuals can play against one another in casual settings. In private clubs, players use the PPPoker app to participate in cash games for actual money. The foregoing may appear harmless at first, but this is just the beginning of a very deep rabbit hole.

PPPoker’s primary goal in its inception was to serve the Asian poker market. There were many poker apps like Poker Bros competing for a piece of the rapidly expanding Asian market at the time. When it came to mobile poker apps, PPPoker and PokerMaster sucked up the majority of the pie. Let’s fast forward to the present day, when PPPoker’s play money platform is massive in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.

Considering that the vast majority of users are Chinese, you will be able to test your poker skills against newcomers to the game. Since PPPoker’s business model differs slightly from that of conventional online poker sites, we’ve provided this FAQ to clarify the specifics. Taking such a simplistic tack will allow you to gain a more thorough comprehension of this poker behemoth.

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Exactly how does PPPoker work?

The poker app, PPPoker, is completely decentralized.

This implies that no central authority is supervising the mobile poker platform or vouching for the safety of player funds. However, compared to those who deal in actual currency, there is one major difference: Chips appear to have no value and are often referred to as “play money.” But unfortunately, that’s not the situation.

Organizational unions of club owners are possible on PPPoker. PPPoker is a fantastic idea because it allows you to compete with players from different private clubs in the same player pool. If you’re used to playing at multiple tables at once, you might want to create multiple accounts since each can only be used for a single table at a time.

You can organize tournaments between club members using the mobile poker app. You buy virtual chips from PPPoker (at very nominal prices, so it won’t cost you much) and give them to players in exchange for a predetermined amount of money. The ‘host’ services provided by the club owners on the poker site are compensated by a small rake paid by the players. The method of payment and the frequency of account settlement are both subject to the terms agreed upon with your punters.

Look for a trustworthy PPPoker agent who can gain you entry to the clubs with the softest action when you first start playing. There are a lot of Facebook ads from PPPoker agents. If you want access to PPPoker’s private rooms, however, it’s best to go through a legitimate business. You can learn more about the poker rooms where our company acts as a PPPoker agent toward the conclusion of this review.

Lein (H.K.) Network Technology Co. Limited, a Hong Kong-based tech company, is the owner of the poker app. This company has done excellent work so far toward its goal of making mobile online poker play better.

PPPoker Clubs

Never miss poker action. Having access to all PPPoker private clubs can help. Send us your info through our contact form, and our manager will contact you about PPPoker deals so we can get you customized deals.

Cereal Killers

cereal killer club
cereal killer club

In Brazil, you can find the exciting club Cereal Killers. Many poker newbies call the club home, so new members should be prepared for some intense games. All sizes of players can find an appropriate limit here. As a result, the chips are pegged to the Brazilian real.

One Poker BR

One poker br

ONE POKER BR is a lively establishment that welcomes players of all skill levels. The majority of the players in the cash games here are from Brazil, so you can expect a high quality of play. Poker tournaments with huge guaranteed prizes are held regularly.


Blackpink club

BlackPink is a member of a massive PPPoker Union in South East Asia, which features insane action at all stakes. BlackPink has more fans and activity than any other Asian club, and maybe even any club worldwide. Most of the players are casual Asians who have only recently learned to spell “poker” and are eager to see which card will be dealt on the river.

Every poker player should join this exclusive club.

Extreme Poker

extreme poker club

Numerous clubs from North, Central, and South America are part of the international PPPoker union to which Extreme also belongs. The middle stakes are where the majority of the action is at.

Insonia / Timba

insonia timba club

If you want to play poker online in Brazil, PPPoker is the way to go, and Insomnia is the best site to use. Many poker enthusiasts from Peru are regulars at the tables, joining the many Brazilian players. In Europe, the best poker action can be found at this club late at night and early in the morning.

Fusion Poker

Fusion poker club

Insonia is a Brazilian club comprised of numerous recreational players seeking action. Especially in PLO5, the games can become quite wild, so Omaha fans will feel right at home. Highly recommended for all players who enjoy playing on PPPoker!


Pokerscape logo

The urban legend that all Asians are tight is debunked by Pokerscape, which is a member of the Big Asian PPPoker Union. Games typically play much higher than their stakes (300-500 bb) due to the combination of loose players and large buy-ins (300-500 bb). In PLO games, the majority of players have a VPIP of 60%.


ShovingNuts club

Simply put, ShovingNuts is our most popular new feature for Spanish nightclubs. The club is well-known for its easy PLO5 games, even at high stakes, in addition to its daily MTTs. Even if you’re not a high roller, the club likely has some lively tables for you to play at. We think you’ll really like it here, so welcome!

As a Game, what makes PPPoker so Well-liked?

Here are few of the reasons why PPPoker have gained popularity among poker enthusiasts:

  1. People from countries where poker is illegal can still play on PPPoker.
  2. For this reason, traffic from countries that impose a tax on poker winnings is redirected to PPPoker, which attracts a different set of players than those who play on regular sites.
  3. Due to the nature of the app’s global reach, you are not limited to competing against users in your own country.
  4. PPPoker’s rake is lower than the rake charged by the vast majority of international online poker sites.
  5. Players are drawn to PPPoker because of the abundance of convenient deposit methods, many of which are anonymous.

PPPoker User Interface

When it comes to the user experience, we believe that PPPoker is capable of giving the best online poker websites in the world a run for their money, both in terms of the interface as well as the overall look and feel of the app. The best aspect of the interface is that the designers are continually making improvements to the app and taking the comments of users into consideration.

The poker app has been specifically optimized for use on mobile devices running either iOS or Android in response to the growing number of players who prefer to play poker on mobile devices. The app has been praised by a significant number of our users for being user-friendly and dependable. We recommend using one of the more recent versions of the iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy for a play experience that is free of hiccups, but the vast majority of contemporary Android smartphones are also capable of performing the task satisfactorily. However, you are not compelled to play on a mobile device only; rather, you have the option of installing the software on your personal computer as well.

With their portrait view, PPPoker has achieved the look of a table that is flawless. Because of this, you won’t need to tilt your phone at all while you’re playing the game or selecting the table, which makes for a very comfortable experience when you’re using their poker room. It shouldn’t take a novice more than ten minutes to become accustomed to the functionality of the whole app because all of the actions are very simple to understand.

PPPoker user interface

We are confident that you will have no trouble using the app, whether you are a seasoned pro at online poker or a new player just getting started with online poker.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to alter a table’s appearance or switch out the deck. Despite this, we are confident that the current default appearance will not fail to meet your expectations.

When it comes to the features, you will have access to the following: a detailed look at all of your weekly poker sessions, a hand history of the most recent one hundred hands that you can share on the forum to discuss hands, your career progression (both wins and losses), and the ability to access the forum. The process of applying filters in order to get into your favorite game as quickly as possible is as quick as lightning.

So, what does PPPoker Club look like?

All data is presented in an orderly fashion thanks to the interface’s minimalistic but effective design. When you first launch the app, it will display a list of all the PPPoker clubs you are a part of. There’s information on the club’s name, union status, and the total number of tables.

After selecting a club, a list of available tables is displayed, along with details such as the game being played, the number of players, and the stakes. It only takes a few clicks to get to any part of the app from the lobby.

Do NOT attempt to Use a Tracking Software (i.e HEM)

Although the PPPoker software does not officially support any third-party tracking tools or HUDs, you are able to view some basic statistics regarding each player by clicking on their profiles. Even for players who are accustomed to having some form of tracking software always supporting their decisions, there is plenty of value to be found in playing in clubs because the level of play on most clubs is not particularly high on average.

Within your profile, you also have the ability to view your own personal statistics. In order to view the statistics of other players, you will first need to make a purchase of a “Black Card” from the store located within the app itself.

Types of Games, Stakes, Rakes, and Rakeback

Club chip values vary. A typical European club’s 1 EUR chip is equivalent to 10 THB in Thailand. Indian clubs use chips worth 5, 10, 50, etc. Your upline agent or owner will tell you when you join the club.

PPPoker supports No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha 5 and Open Face Chinese (OFC). Clubs or PPPoker offer MTTs and SNGs.

PPPoker game types

Depending on format and action, SNG or cash game tables can have 2 to 9 players. If play continues after 12 hours, the table is closed and a new one with similar limits opens. PPPoker is decentralized, unlike websites where all players are on one platform. So you can play on multiple clubs at once. If one club has few players, you can easily join another. Action abounds.

Many clubs form unions, as mentioned. If you play through one club, you’ll face members from other union clubs.

A club owner can charge a rake of up to 5%, which is capped at 3 BBs. When it comes to rakeback, as you can see on our poker blog section, different poker clubs have different rules because it’s up to the club owner to decide. In terms of the amount of rakeback, club owners don’t have as many costs as normal poker websites, so they can offer big rakeback plans.

Don’t be surprised if the owner of a club offers you 50–80% rakeback on PPPoker. This is a flat rakeback, which means that there are no confusing rules or structures.

How to Cashin and Cashout in PPPoker

Some players might think that putting money into and taking money out of PPPoker are like two sides of the same coin. But the trend seems to be the exact opposite of that. When you talk to an agent, you can choose how you want to make a deposit.

Cash, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfers are all common ways to deposit money. We can help PPPoker players in India and other parts of Asia find the best way to make a payment by using our large network of local contacts.

There have been times when agents or club owners took the money and ran away, but this doesn’t happen very often. This happened in some PPPoker USA clubs where the management wasn’t doing its job. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you trust your agent and how trustworthy the club owners are.

You don’t have to get a headache over these kinds of problems, though, because we’ve got you covered. As professionals, we have access to many markets and clubs that we can trust.

Talk to us to find out about the best deals and clubs you can trust.

PPPoker’s Campaigns and Promotions

PPPoker has something for new players like the best online poker rooms do. Poker players who join PPPoker will get Rakeback from their clubs instead of cash bonuses. Even if you don’t use an agent to play for real money, you can always play ring games or tournaments on the app for gold coins.

They often hold tournaments where you can win things like iPads, iPhones, gold coins, diamonds, VIP cards, and even real money. You can also win spots in live tournaments, which they hold almost every month in different countries. VIP cards can also be bought right inside the app.

If you like to play live poker, you can go to a poker festival and meet people from all over the world who also like to play. The most recent one was the PPPoker London Festival, which took place in January 2020. At peak times, Aspers Casino had tens of cash game tables going.

Playing the Computer Desktop Version of PPPoker app

playing PPPoker in a computer

You can now download a PC version of the PPPoker app in Windows. Note that the PC version will not be full screen but will be in portrait mode. There is also no Mac version yet.

You just need to go to their official website in your browser and choose “Download it from Windows.” Once you’ve installed it, click “Register/Login” and choose the best resolution for your PC from the drop-down menu at the top left.

So, you’re good to go!

Honest Review From the Experience of a PPPoker Player

After 30 days of playing PPPoker real money games, here’s an honest review.
PPPoker is one of the most popular places to play online poker right now, so after 30 days of playing, we thought it was time to write an honest review of the real money games on PPPoker. Our hero fought for a total of 30 days, and most of the hands he played were in PLO5 and NLHE games. He now has first-hand knowledge to share with our readers.

If you want to know what it’s like to play poker on PPPoker, read to the end!

In the first few days, I tried out for two clubs called BlackPink and Flying Fish. Setting up the app on both my iPhone and my desktop PC was easy. Once I made the initial deposit, which can be done via bitcoin transfer or Skrill p2p transfer, I fired up a Texas Hold ‘Em table on my iPhone and got to work.

When I first tried Texas Holdem, the games I played were pretty easy. Some players were loose and some were tight, but I didn’t meet any players who were really aggressive. This is a great thing to find in a poker game: money that doesn’t play much doesn’t win as many pots as it should.

What’s going on?

Simple: Poker players who don’t try to win have basically only one way to do so. That is, getting the best hand and keeping it until the end. So, Texas Holdem games on both BlackPink and Flying Fish were profitable for me from the start.

PPPoker gameplay

When I first started playing PPPoker, I tried some Pot-Limit Omaha 5card games on the second day. Now, this is completely different from the Texas Holdem games I played: The pots were bigger, each game was played much more loosely, and a few players were very aggressive. I lost my first deposit by playing in a crazy PLO5 game where no one knew the rules.

This doesn’t mean that PLO5 games aren’t fun; it’s just that the variance is much higher than in NLHE. Since I made my second deposit, I’ve already made up for the money I lost in the first few days of PLO5. It’s for people who like excitement and like to win big when the cards are in their favor.

Would I tell everyone to play PPPoker?

I think most players should give it a shot. But if you like to do a lot of math at once, it’s probably not for you. You can play three tables well through the app, but that’s all you can do.

You can buy a VIP card inside the mobile app if you want more features and poker statistics. The poker experience is a bit different from what you get on regular poker sites. Also, PPPoker isn’t like any other online poker room.

It has a lot of features that make it stand out, and everyone has their own thoughts on these. You can read about what I think about each of them below:

1. The Calltime function (15 minutes)

If a player has won chips at the table and wants to leave, they must click the Calltime icon in the top left corner of the menu. When turned on, a 15-minute countdown timer starts and the player must stay at the table for at least that long before leaving.

The Calltime function was made to stop “hit-and-run,” when a player joins a game, wins, and leaves immediately. This means that hit-and-runs won’t be a problem anymore. This feature appealed to me because there are often very loose recreational players or very tight short-stackers who, in the absence of this function, would leave the table as soon as they won a large pot.

Our advice is to turn it on as soon as you’re winning at a table. After activating it once, you can play for as long as you want, but at least you can leave the table at any time if the game is no longer fun.

2. Optional Blind Bet or Straddling

A straddle is an optional blind bet. Usually, twice the size of the big blind, that a player makes after the small and big blinds have been posted but before any cards are dealt. When the action gets to the player who straddles, he gets to act before the flop. Players who straddle are usually very eager to protect the money they have put in.

Straddling is a great part of any poker game, and both NLHE and PLO games on PPPoker have it. I like to straddle most of the time when I play poker in person, but PPPoker clubs give you this option, which is rare in online poker.

Our advice: If the game is going well and you have an advantage, you can encourage loose play by straddling yourself every so often.

3. Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit hunting is when you pay a small fee to see what cards would have been on the streets in the future.

Even though winning players usually don’t use this option, it can be fun for casual players who had a good draw but decided to fold to use it to see if they would have made their hand. Overall, I think it makes the game a little bit better because you can find out if your hand would have won.

Our suggestion is only to use it for fun!

4. The App is Perfect for Mobile Phones

Over the years, I’ve played most of my online poker hands while sitting in front of a desktop PC with anywhere from one to twenty-four tables open at once. PPPoker is meant to be less of a grind and more of an adventure! I thought this was a nice change of pace. The app helps you have a great poker experience by giving you a nice way to interact with it.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to talk to other players at your table and even use animated emojis! Install the app on both your PC and a smartphone or other mobile device to see which one works best for you.

To sum up, my whole playing experience, let’s just say that I don’t regret starting to play on PPPoker at all! Sure, I’ve stayed up late a few times because I didn’t want to stop playing online poker on my phone. Still, I’ve had fun and made money with it, so I feel like I have to give it a high rating.

And that’s what makes PPPoker’s product stand out: whether you’re new to online poker or a seasoned card player, PPPoker can be a great place to start playing either for fun or to make money. I’m willing to say that this is the kind of poker game where huge bankrolls can be made. As long as you play at a good club, you can play poker, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

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