A Look at ClubGG Poker Clubs in 2024

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Intro to ClubGG poker clubs

Just at the end of January 2021, GGPoker made a huge announcement: they were making a poker app for private games that could be used on mobile devices.

They made ClubGG Poker compete with popular poker apps like Poker Bros, Pokerrrr 2, and X-Poker. This move into the market for social poker apps doesn’t come as much of a surprise to people who work in the field. Even though GG Network is popular almost everywhere in the world, licensed online poker rooms will not be available for a long time in some countries and regions.

You can get the new app from both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Anyone who wants to play on the ClubGG Poker app can start a club or join an existing one. If you’ve ever used the GGPoker mobile app, the GG Poker room will feel pretty familiar.

During our tests of the mobile poker software, we played Texas Hold ’em, 4-card, and 5-card Pot-Limit Omaha. The best way to describe the app would be as “social poker.” The app has lots of cool features, such as emojis, a smooth bet slider, and a hand history that looks great.

We tested the ClubGG Poker app on a Samsung Galaxy S10 and an iPhone 12, and on both of them, it worked very well. The app has gained popularity among poker streamers on YouTube and the people who watch it.

Although we think that the other mobile poker apps are better, we wanted to give ClubbGG poker a chance. So, here at CasinoOnlineTF, we started a Club GG player waitlist for those of you who want to play games as soon as there are enough clubs and unions to run regular mid-stakes games. Once we see that there is enough action to offer clubs to our players, we will quickly and regularly update our ClubGG Poker review.

In this review, let’s quickly go over what are the most important features that have been released so far.

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How to Install and Join a Club in the App?

Starting out with ClubGG is a breeze. Simply search for GG Poker in the App Store or Google Play Store and download the app, or you can visit their official website (https://www.clubgg.net/), and install it on your device.

To join a club, go to the Home view, click SEARCH CLUB, enter the club’s ID and the ID of the person who referred you, and then click “SEARCH.” If you do what the app tells you to do, your club registration will be delivered to the club owner.

Cashin and Withdrawal Methods

Speculation aside, private clubs and agents will likely handle player deposits and withdrawals. Digital currencies are increasingly popular for making deposits and withdrawals. Soon, we will have more details!

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Functionality of GG Club Poker

According to GGPoker’s Head of Marketing Operations, Paul Burke, the app launched to the poker industry to fill the GGPoker app’s home game feature void. We anticipate that Club GG’s operating model will be decentralized, similar to that of other play-money poker applications, although the exact details have not yet been disclosed. This would imply that poker club unions oversee the games.

There are already functions that enable you to set up a club and search for unions, so this theory is entirely plausible and reasonable in light of the app’s purpose. To provide a home-game experience on a mobile device. Consequently, the purpose of the ClubGG Poker app is to provide a platform for playing, not to provide real-money poker services.

ClubGG poker clubs and unions will be responsible for the opening and hosting of cash game tables and poker tournaments.

Here is a brief video of Lára Neacy describing the concept and how to qualify for live events in the United States by playing on ClubGG:

A Quick Sneak Peek of ClubGG Clubs

When you join a club through the ClubGG app by entering the club’s ID, you’ll be presented with a list of all the available tables. Data like the number of players, the stakes, and the game format played at each table will be displayed. Entering your game of choice is as simple as clicking a button: If you’re ready to play some cards, select a table, grab a seat, and load your chips.

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UI of ClubGG

When it comes to poker, the ClubGG app is unparalleled. With NSUS Ltd, the private company behind GG Network and GGPoker, you get features like a hand history review and emojis. As with any GGPoker product, the gameplay and animations are buttery smooth.

During our testing, we didn’t find too many flaws; perhaps the only thing that could be a minor annoyance is the integration of emoji animations, which can obscure your hole cards if you use them frequently.

If you’re a high-volume player, you’ll be happy to know that you could use the multi-table feature to play at up to four tables at once. The timer stands out clearly against the table background, and swiping between tables is lightning-fast. Checking, betting, and raising controls via knobs and dials?Exactly as you surmised, they are well thought out and expertly executed.

Game Types, Stakes, Rake, and Rakeback

During the ClubGG Beta phase, No-Limit Hold ’em and Pot-Limit Omaha are the two game types that players can choose from. New poker variants, including Open Face Chinese (OFC) and 6+ will join NLHE and PLO in the near future. This conforms to the style of games found on the GG Network.

We expect that the PLO5 format will soon be available on this smartphone betting app as well, as this game is currently popular in this medium. Once the initial unions are formed, ClubGG will likely offer a wide variety of stakes. If you’re looking for the most recent data on stakes, be sure to check back in with our ClubGG review for updates.

The blueprint for the rake has not been made public just yet, so this data is currently lacking. If and when the full rake structure and Rakeback offers become available, we will incorporate them into our analysis.

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Are there any Promotional Campaigns?

Most likely, yes! With all of GG Network’s marketing tools, ClubGG could have a very big launch with lots of promotions, campaigns, and bonuses for new players. Any money you deposit is guaranteed when you sign up through CasinoOnlineTF.

Tracking Software Regulations in ClubGG

No, external trackers and heads-up displays are not permitted. Third-party tracking software, poker solvers, and poker hand charts are strictly forbidden on GG Network. The rule was implemented for a good reason; it prevents sharks from preying on recreational players.

Can we Expect Poker Players to Flock to ClubGG?

You bet your bottom dollar! ClubGG has quite a few things going on that should lead to an increase in player traffic, such as:

The largest poker network in the world is supporting and advertising Poker at Club GG
Gaining entry to jurisdictions where conventional online poker rooms are banned
A top-tier mobile app that excels in all social aspects.

Many poker variations are available, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, 6+ Holdem, and Omaha Flop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can players from US and UK play this app?

ClubGG does not impose any restrictions on its players based on their location, so players from America and the United Kingdom are all welcome to join in the fun.

What kind of security does ClubGG have for my personal information?

As per their data protection policy, they must take all necessary precautions to ensure the security of user data collected via the app. You are responsible for taking the same precautions as you would with any other poker site, such as preventing unauthorized access to your account and emails between yourself and ClubGG. Within the app, there is a Privacy Policy section of the Help menu where you can learn more about how the company uses player data.

How to get assistance from their team?

Send an email to support@clubgg.net if you need assistance with your account or have any questions. The app’s help section is where you’ll find the app’s general terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Can I trust ClubGG or not?

In order to guarantee the randomness of their RNG, ClubGG Poker has it certified by bmm testlabs, a trusted name in the gaming industry. GGPoker and GG Network are products of NSUS Ltd, the developers of their poker app. All deposits made through us are also fully insured.

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