Do You Have to Wear a Mask at Diamond Joe’s Casino?

In July of 2020, the Diamond Joe’s Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa became the first casino in the state to require guests to wear masks while inside the facility. The move came as a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and was implemented in order to help protect both guests and employees from the virus.

While some guests have expressed frustration with the new policy, overall it seems to be going well. The casino has posted signs throughout the facility reminding guests of the mask requirement, and employees are regularly reminding guests to put on a mask if they are not already wearing one.

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PRO TIP:When visiting Diamond Joe’s Casino, it is recommended to check the casino’s website or contact them directly to determine their mask policy. Depending on the local regulations, it is possible that masks may be required to enter the casino.

Guests who do not have a mask are able to purchase one from the casino for $1.

The Diamond Joe’s Casino is not alone in requiring guests to wear masks. Many other casinos across the country have implemented similar policies in recent months.

And while some guests may not like it, wearing a mask is a small price to pay for being able to enjoy a night out at the casino.