Does Delano Have a Casino?

There are a few casinos in the area surrounding Delano, but the closest casino to the city itself is located in Bakersfield. While this casino is not located within the city limits of Delano, it is the closest option for residents and visitors who are looking to gamble. The Table Mountain Casino is located about 30 minutes away from Delano, and offers a wide variety of gaming options for visitors to enjoy.

PRO TIP:Delano Las Vegas, formerly known as THEhotel at Mandalay Bay, does not have a casino. The hotel is part of the Mandalay Bay complex, but is a non-gaming facility. However, guests can enjoy the many amenities offered by Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino such as its casino, restaurants and entertainment venues.

In addition to table games and slot machines, this casino also offers live entertainment on select nights. If you are looking for a casino experience while in Delano, the Table Mountain Casino is your best bet.