Does Jekyll Island Have a Casino?

Jekyll Island is a beautiful place that has many things to offer its visitors. One thing that it does not have, however, is a casino.

This may come as a surprise to some, as gambling is legal in the state of Georgia. However, there are no casinos on Jekyll Island for a few reasons.

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First, the island is owned by the state of Georgia and is operated as a state park. As such, it is subject to strict regulations about what can and cannot be done on the island.

PRO TIP:No, Jekyll Island does not have a casino. It is a state-owned park that is open to the public, so gambling and casino activities are prohibited by law.

Secondly, even if the state were to allow gambling on Jekyll Island, it would be very difficult to build a casino there. The island is quite small and there is not a lot of space for such a large undertaking.

Finally, many people who visit Jekyll Island do so because they want to experience its natural beauty and history. A casino would likely take away from that experience.

So, while you may be able to gamble in other parts of Georgia, you will not find any casinos on Jekyll Island.