Does Los Angeles Have a Casino?

Yes, Los Angeles does have casinos. There are a total of six casinos within the city limits, and all of them are run by Native American tribes. The largest and most popular casino in Los Angeles is the Commerce Casino, which is located in the Commerce neighborhood of the city. This casino has over 240 table games and 4,000 gaming machines, making it the largest card room in the world.

PRO TIP:Los Angeles has numerous card rooms where you can play poker, blackjack and other games, but there are no Las Vegas-style casinos in Los Angeles County. If you’re looking for a traditional casino experience, you’ll need to visit one of the nearby tribal casinos in Southern California or the Las Vegas Strip.

Other casinos in Los Angeles include the Bicycle Casino, Hustler Casino, Hollywood Park Casino, andLarry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino. All of these casinos offer a variety of gambling options for tourists and locals alike.

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So whether you’re looking for a place to play the slots or bet on the ponies, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at one of Los Angeles’ many casinos.