Does New Hampshire Have a Casino?

New Hampshire does not currently have a casino, but there are several proposed plans to build one. The most recent proposal was made in 2019 by the Cordish Companies, a gaming and entertainment company based in Maryland. The Cordish Companies proposed a $650 million casino resort in Claremont, New Hampshire.

The project would have included a hotel, restaurants, retail space, and a performance venue. The Claremont City Council voted against the proposal in 2020, but the project could be revived if another city in New Hampshire expresses interest. .

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PRO TIP:New Hampshire does not have any casinos, however, residents may gamble at the charitable gaming facilities run by non-profit organizations. Additionally, the state borders Maine and Massachusetts which both have casinos.

The state of New Hampshire has been debating whether or not to build a casino for many years. Some people believe that a casino would provide an economic boost to the state, while others worry about the negative social and environmental impacts of gambling.

There is no clear consensus on whether or not New Hampshire should build a casino, but the issue is likely to continue to be debated in the legislature and among voters in the state.