Does Oaklawn Casino Require Masks?

As of right now, Oaklawn Casino does not require masks to be worn by their patrons. This could change in the future if the casino feels it is necessary, but as of right now there is no mask requirement.

The casino does have the right to ask patrons to leave if they are not following the property’s rules, so it is still important to be aware of the casino’s policies before visiting. .

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PRO TIP:Oaklawn Casino mandates that all guests wear face masks or face shields while on property. This includes all public areas, restrooms, restaurants, and gaming areas. All visitors must also follow social distancing guidelines while on property.

While Oaklawn Casino does not require masks at this time, it is still recommended that patrons wear them when possible. Masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and everyone should do their part to help stop the pandemic.

If you do visit Oaklawn Casino, be sure to follow all of the property’s rules and guidelines in order to ensure a safe and fun visit for everyone.