Does Pop Slots Pay Real Money?

Pop Slots is a popular casino-style game for mobile devices. The objective of the game is to earn as much virtual currency as possible by playing slots and other casino-style games.

While you can’t withdrawal Pop Slots’ virtual currency for real money, there are some ways to use it to get real-world benefits.

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In-game benefits

While you can’t get cash directly from Pop Slots, you can use your virtual currency to enter exclusive tournaments with bigger prizes. These tournaments are only open to players who have a certain amount of virtual currency, so if you have a lot of Pop Slots chips you could potentially win some valuable prizes.

You can also use your Pop Slots chips to purchase items in the game’s virtual store. These items include things like avatar customizations and exclusive slot machines.

While these items don’t have any real-world value, they can be fun to use and show off to other players.

Selling your account

One way to get real-world benefits from Pop Slots is to sell your account. Because Pop Slots chips can only be used within the game, there’s no way to convert them into cash.

However, because some players are willing to pay real money for high-level accounts, you can sell yours for a profit.

Before selling your account, make sure to set a reasonable price. You can check sites like eBay to see how much similar accounts are selling for.

You should also make sure that the buyer knows that they won’t be able to withdraw the Pop Slots chips for cash. Once you find a buyer and agree on a price, you can transfer the account and receive your payment through PayPal or another online service.


While you can’t withdrawal Pop Slots chips for cash, there are some ways to get real-world benefits from them. You can use your chips to enter exclusive tournaments or purchase items in the game’s virtual store.

You can also sell your account to other players for a profit.