How Do I Create a Signup Sheet With Time Slots in Google Forms?

If you need to collect signUPS for a class, workshop, or event with time slots, you can use Google Forms to create a signup sheet. This way, people can choose their own time slot, and you can see at a glance who is signed up for what.

Here’s how to set up a signup sheet with time slots in Google Forms:

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1. Create a new form or edit an existing one.

2. Click the “Add Item” button and select “Time Slot” from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter the name of the event and the date(s) it will take place.

4. Select the start and end time for each time slot.

You can also add a duration if you want to limit how long each person has to sign up for.

5. Click “Add Item” again and add more time slots as needed.

6. Save your form and share the link with people who need to sign up.

7. When people submit their responses, you’ll be able to see which time slot they selected on the “Responses” tab of your form.