How Do Spell Slots Work?

When it comes to using spell slots, there are a few things worth knowing. For starters, each character has a number of slots that they can use to cast spells.

The number of slots available is based on the character’s level. For example, a 1st-level character has two spell slots, while a 2nd-level character has three.

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When a character casts a spell, they use up one of their slots. Once all of the slots are used up, the character must rest for at least 8 hours before they can use their spells again.

Additionally, some spells require more than one slot to cast. These are known as higher-level spells.

So, how do spell slots work? Well, they’re essentially a way to keep track of how many spells a character can cast in a day. By keeping track of the number of slots available, it ensures that characters don’t overuse their spells and become exhausted.