How Do You Place a Side Bet in Blackjack?

When it comes to blackjack, there are a few different types of bets that can be placed. The most common bet is the main bet, which is simply the bet that is placed on the hand itself.

However, there is also the option to place a side bet.

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A side bet in blackjack is a wager that is placed on the outcome of the hand, but is not placed on the hand itself. For example, a player may place a side bet that the dealer will bust.

PRO TIP:When playing Blackjack, you can place a side bet on the outcome of your hand or the dealer’s hand. To place a side bet, you must first decide on the amount you are willing to wager on the outcome. Then you will need to inform the dealer of your intent and place your chips in front of your betting circle. Once all players have placed their side bets, the game will continue as normal until all players have either won or lost their bets.

If the dealer does in fact bust, then the player will win the side bet.

Side bets can be placed on a variety of different outcomes, and they can be placed at any time during the course of the hand. However, it should be noted that side bets tend to have lower odds than the main bet, so they should be used sparingly.

If you’re interested in placing a side bet in blackjack, simply ask the dealer for more information. They will be happy to help you place your bet and explain the odds and payouts.