How Do You Rob the Diamond Casino in GTA 5 Online?

In GTA 5 Online, the Diamond Casino is a high-end casino that allows players to gamble with in-game money. The casino is located in the Vinewood district of Los Santos, and is run by the criminal organization known as the House.

To rob the casino, players must first complete a heist setup mission. This mission requires players to purchase a welding torch, which can be done at any hardware store.

Once the torch is purchased, players must then use it to cut through the metal grate on the casino’s roof.

Once inside, players will need to disable the casino’s power and security systems. This can be done by either shooting out the power boxes or destroying the security cameras.

Once the power and security are down, players can then proceed to loot the casino’s vault.

The vault is located in the back of the casino, and is guarded by security guards and lasers. To get past the guards and lasers, players will need to use a thermal charge to blow open the vault door.

Inside the vault, players will find a large amount of cash and valuables.

Once all of the valuables have been looted, players must then make their escape from the casino. They can do this either by taking an elevator down to the ground floor or by using a rope to rappel down from the roof.

The Diamond Casino robbery is a high-risk heist that can be very rewarding for those who are able to successfully complete it. However, it is also a very difficult heist to complete, so players must make sure that they are prepared before attempting it.