How Do You Unlock Duty Roulette Alliance Raids?

Assuming you have already completed the quest to unlock Duty Roulette: Alliance Raids, the process for accessing this roulette is the same as the others. Speak to the Duty Finder NPCs to queue for any of the available trials.

Once selected, you will be placed into a party with other players also looking to complete the trial. If you have yet to complete the quest, speak to one of the NPCs listed below to get started.

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Completing Duty Roulette: Alliance Raids will offer various rewards such as Allagan Tomestones, experience points, and gil. The number of Tomestones and gil awarded will differ based on the difficulty of the trial completed.

PRO TIP:In order to unlock Alliance Raids via Duty Roulette, you must first complete the main scenario story quest for the game. Once this is done, you will be able to queue up for Alliance Raids via the Duty Roulette.

In addition, each trial has a chance to drop specific equipment associated with that trial. These items can be sold on the market board or exchanged with certain NPCs for other equipment.

Duty Roulette: Alliance Raids is unlocked by completing the quest “A Pup No Longer” which is given by one of three NPCs depending on your starting city-state.

Gridania – Alisiade Brightland in Old Gridania (x10,y11)
Ul’dah – S’thasa in The Brass Bazaar (x9,y8)
Limsa Lominsa – G’jusana in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x12,y13)

Once this quest is completed, speak to any of the Duty Finder NPCs in one of the three city-states to queue for any available trial.