Is Downstream Casino Still Open?

Downstream Casino is still open, and business is booming. The casino recently underwent a multimillion-dollar expansion, which added a new hotel, restaurants, and event space.

The expansion has helped to attract more visitors to the casino, and business is better than ever.

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PRO TIP:Downstream Casino is currently open for business with limited hours and capacity restrictions in place. Guests are encouraged to call ahead to confirm hours and advisories for the day of their visit. Additionally, masks and social distancing are required while in the casino.

Despite the recent expansion, some locals are concerned that the casino is becoming too big and that it will eventually hurt the small businesses in the area. However, Downstream Casino has been a good neighbor to the community, and it has contributed millions of dollars to local charities and causes.

The casino also provides hundreds of jobs to locals.

Overall, Downstream Casino is still open and thriving. The recent expansion has only helped to grow the business, and it remains a vital part of the community.