Is Hollywood Casino Aurora Moving?

Hollywood Casino Aurora is currently considering moving to a new location. The casino has been located in Aurora, Illinois for many years, but the recent changes in the state’s gambling lAWS have made it difficult for the casino to stay profitable.

The new gambling lAWS have put a limit on the number of gaming machines that casinos can have, and they have also increased the taxes that casinos have to pay. These changes have made it difficult for Hollywood Casino Aurora to make a profit, and they are now considering moving to a new location.

PRO TIP:It is unclear if Hollywood Casino Aurora is moving or not. However, it is important to stay up to date on any news from the casino regarding a potential move, as well as any changes in local regulations that may affect the casino’s ability to stay in its current location.

The casino is currently in talks with several different cities about potentially moving to their city. The casino has not made a final decision about where they will move, but they are considering several different options.

The casino is hoping to find a location that will be more conducive to their business, and that will allow them to continue to operate successfully. The casino is committed to providing their customers with a great experience, and they are hopeful that they will be able to find a new location that will allow them to do just that.