Is Parking Free at Greektown Casino?

Most visitors to Greektown Casino are surprised to find that parking is not free. While there are some exceptions, such as for hotel guests and those with a player’s card, most people have to pay to park.

The cost is $10 for those who self-park and $20 for those who valet park.

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While the cost of parking may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can add up, especially for those who visit Greektown Casino frequently. For example, someone who visits Greektown Casino once a week would spend $520 on parking over the course of a year.

PRO TIP:Parking at Greektown Casino is free for up to 24 hours – however, you must present a valid ID and obtain a parking ticket from the garage attendant for entry and exit.

There are a few ways to avoid the cost of parking at Greektown Casino. One is to take advantage of the free shuttle that runs from select locations in downtown Detroit.

Another is to park in one of the many public parking garages or lots in the area.

In conclusion, parking at Greektown Casino is not free, but there are ways to avoid the cost.