Is Poker Back at WinStar?

It’s been a long time since poker was played at WinStar World Casino, but it looks like the game may be making a comeback.

Poker was once a mainstay at WinStar, with multiple tables running around the clock in the casino’s dedicated poker room. But the game fell out of favor in recent years, and the poker room was eventually closed.

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Now, it appears that poker may be making a comeback at WinStar. The casino has been running occasional “pop-up” poker games in recent months, and there has been talk of opening a dedicated poker room again.

The return of poker would be welcome news for many casino-goers, as the game is one of the most popular forms of gambling. Poker is also a social game, and many players enjoy the camaraderie that comes with playing.

At this point, it’s unclear if or when poker will make a full-fledged return to WinStar. But it’s certainly possible that the game could make a comeback in the near future.