Is Rivers Casino Schenectady Closing?

Since its opening in 2017, the Rivers Casino in Schenectady has been a major source of revenue for the city and a popular destination for gamblers in UPState New York. But now, just three years later, the casino is reportedly facing financial problems and may be forced to close its doors.

According to a report from the Albany Business Review, the casino has been struggling to bring in enough revenue to cover its costs, leading to concerns that it may have to shut down. The casino has already laid off dozens of workers and cut back on its hours of operation in an effort to save money.

The Rivers Casino is not the only gambling establishment in UPState New York that is struggling financially. The del Lago Resort & Casino in Waterloo, which opened in 2017, has also been losing money and is currently facing foreclosure.

The problem for both casinos appears to be competition from neighboring states. In Pennsylvania, for example, there are dozens of casinos that are much closer to New York than Schenectady or Waterloo.

This means that New Yorkers don’t have to travel far to gamble, and they often choose to do so at casinos that are closer to home.

The future of the Rivers Casino is uncertain, but it’s clear that it is facing financial difficulties. If it does close, it will be a major blow to the city of Schenectady, which has been counting on the casino to help boost its economy.