What Are the Dimensions of a Octagon Poker Table?

An octagon poker table is a great addition to any home game room. They are also a must have for any serious poker player who wants to up their game.

Here are the dimensions of a octagon poker table.

An octagon poker table is typically 30 inches in diameter. The playing surface is usually 28 inches by 28 inches.

PRO TIP:When buying an octagon poker table, make sure to check the measurements of both the table itself and the surface area. The size of the table will depend on how many players you plan on having. Generally, an octagon poker table should measure around 60-72 inches in diameter with a surface area of around 46-50 inches wide.

The height of the table is typically 30 inches, but can vary depending on the manufacturer. The legs of the table are typically about 18 inches tall.

The dimensions of an octagon poker table make it the perfect size for most home game rooms. They are also a great size for serious poker players who want to up their game.