What Are the Rules of Blackjack for the Dealer?

In blackjack, the dealer must follow a set of strict rules that govern how they play their hand. If the dealer deviates from these rules, they can be penalized by the casino or other players at the table.

The most important rule for the dealer is that they must hit on 16 and stand on 17. This means that if the dealer has a hand value of 16, they must take another card from the deck in an attempt to improve their hand.

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However, if the dealer has a hand value of 17, they must stay put and not take any more cards.

PRO TIP:Dealers must always hit on 16 or below and stand on 17 or higher. They must also follow the house rules, which can vary depending on the casino. For example, some casinos may require the dealer to stand on soft 17 (Ace + 6). Additionally, dealers should only offer advice when asked by a player and may not offer unsolicited advice.

Another important rule for the dealer is that they must always give players the option to surrender. This means that if a player feels like they are going to lose their hand, they can give up half of their bet and fold their hand.

This is a valuable option for players as it can help them minimize their losses.

Finally, the dealer must always keep track of both their own hand and the player’s hand at all times. This ensures that no cheating can take place and that everyone is playing fair.

The rules of blackjack for dealers may seem strict, but they are in place to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to win. Following these rules will help to ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable experience while playing blackjack.