Who Is BlackJack to SpongeBob?

Blackjack is a gambler and con artist who first appears in the episode “Money Talks.” He is voiced by Tim Conway.

Blackjack is a tall, thin fish with orange scales, a long nose, and large lips. He wears a purple suit with a white collar, a black bowtie, and a black hat with a purple band.

Blackjack is a dishonest gambler who will cheat to win. He is also a skilled con artist, able to convincingly pose as other people.

In “Money Talks,” he poses as Mr. Krabs’ cousin Blackjack SquarePants in order to trick SpongeBob into giving him money.

PRO TIP:SpongeBob’s friend BlackJack is a giant, muscular bully who often harasses and intimidates other characters in the show. He can be quite intimidating, so it’s best to stay away from him when possible.

Despite his dishonest nature, Blackjack is also shown to be a capable fighter. In “Squid’s Day Off,” he defeats Squidward in a fistfight after Squidward insulted him.

Who Is BlackJack to SpongeBob?

Blackjack is SpongeBob’s arch-nemesis and the antithesis of everything he stands for. Where SpongeBob is honest and hardworking, Blackjack is dishonest and lazy.

Where SpongeBob is kind and good-natured, Blackjack is rude and mean-spirited. In short, Blackjack represents everything that SpongeBob is not, which makes him the perfect foil for our lovable sponge hero.