Why Does California Use Cards for Roulette?

In the early days of gambling in California, casinos used physical roulette wheels to determine the outcome of games. However, as time went on and casino cheating became more prevalent, state regulators decided that cards would be a more fair and honest way to conduct roulette games.

There are a few key reasons why California uses cards for roulette instead of wheels. First, cards are less likely to be rigged than wheels.

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PRO TIP:When playing Roulette in California, it is important to note that cards are used in place of chips. This helps to reduce the amount of money exchanged between players and casinos, making the game easier to track and regulate. It also helps to ensure an even playing field as all players will be using the same size and denomination cards.

Second, cards are easier to monitor and track than wheels. Finally, cards provide a more uniform and fair playing experience for all casino patrons.

Overall, the use of cards for roulette provides a number of benefits for both casinos and players alike. It creates a fairer and more transparent gaming environment, which is good for everyone involved.