Do You Have to Wear a Mask at WinStar Casino?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, casinos are struggling to find the balance between safety and fun. Many are requiring guests to wear masks, but some are not. So, do you have to wear a mask at WinStar Casino?

The answer is no, you are not required to wear a mask at WinStar Casino. However, the casino does encourage guests to wear masks and follow CDC guidelines.

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PRO TIP:At WinStar Casino, face masks are mandatory for all guests and employees. In accordance with CDC guidelines, visitors should wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times while inside the casino. Additionally, individuals should maintain social distance where possible.

Additionally, the casino has implemented other safety measures, such as increased cleaning and sanitization efforts.

So, if you’re planning a trip to WinStar Casino, pack your mask and be prepared to follow CDC guidelines. And don’t forget to have fun!.