Is Poker After Dark a Cash Game?

Poker After Dark is an American television show that features cash games of poker. The show originally aired on NBC from 2007-2011, before moving to ESPN in 2012.

The show is typically filmed in Las Vegas, and features some of the biggest names in poker.

While the format of the show has changed over the years, it has always been a cash game. This means that the players are not playing for chips, but for real money.

The stakes are usually high, with buy-ins ranging from $20,000 to $100,000.

PRO TIP:Poker After Dark is not a traditional cash game – it is a high stakes, invitation-only tournament format. Players are given a fixed amount of chips to begin with, and the tournament follows a predetermined set of rules. The winner of the tournament takes home the entire prize pool.

The format of the show has also changed over the years. In its early years, Poker After Dark featured six players competing in a winner-takes-all format.

However, in recent years the show has featured a mix of different formats, including heads-up matches, short-handed games, and even an episode that featured an all-female cast.

Despite the changes to the format, one thing has remained constant: Poker After Dark is a cash game.

So, is Poker After Dark a cash game? Yes, it is.