Slots Rules and Strategy

Slot machines are the backbone of any casino. The sheer variety of slot machines offers players the ability to play for hours, provided your bankroll can sustain you. But unlike table games, slot machines do not offer clear odds, which make it almost impossible to spot a winner. But with a sound strategy in place, you can maximize your budget and your pleasure.

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Slot machines are fun to play. With the benefits offered by new technologies, both the graphics and game-play continue to improve. It’s no wonder slot machines are so popular with gamblers. They also offer the widest variety of betting options you’ll find in any casino. With the ability to manage and change your bet as you play, you have the ability to develop a strategy to get the most out of the time you spend playing slots. Keep the following in mind:

  • Set a budget and stick to it

This is sound advice for any slots enthusiast. Before you start playing, you should work out how much you can afford to lose. That’s not to say that you can’t make money playing slot machines, it’s merely common sense. If you’re not having a good day, you’ll blow through your budget in no time. And then you may be tempted to spend more money in an effort to break even. This hardly ever works and you’re much better off setting a budget for the day and stopping once you’ve reached your limit.

  • Bet with your head

Take a good look at the number of paylines and the betting options each slot machine gives you. Taking your budget into account, you’ll need to work out how many lines you can and how much you can afford to bet on each payline. Remember that if you’re playing a progressive slot machine, you may have to play the maximum bet to be eligible to win the jackpot.

Most slot machines give you the same payout for a combination, multiplied by the number of coins you bet. But, once you start betting the maximum, the payout increases substantially.

If you have an appetite for risk, and your budget is big enough, this might be a good strategy for you. If your budget is smaller though, it’s better to find a way to play as many paylines as possible to increase your chances of winning.

Slot machine tipsCasumo's gameplay

Modern slot machines use a random number generator which means it’s impossible to predict when you’ll spin a winner. But, slot machines are no different from any other casino game in that the house always has the edge.

Most online slots machines have a payback rate of anywhere from 90%-97%, which means that for every dollar you spend, you can expect to get back 90-97 cents. But, you can’t put $100 in a machine and expect to get back $90 when you leave. The machine is programmed to retain its share over a long period of time. Now that you understand how it works, here are some tips you can use when choosing which slot machine to play:

  • Look for machines that offer a high return rate: The higher the payback percentage, the more chance you’ll have of getting your money back or making a small profit.
  • Get to know the machine before placing bigger bets: Start small and pay attention to the results of each spin. If you find that the machine pays out small amounts regularly, your money will last a little longer. If it doesn’t pay out that often, but pays out bigger amounts, you could be on to a winner.

Do some research on the machine before you play, set a budget and decide what your goals are and you’ll find playing slot machines can be very rewarding.

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