What Dungeons Are in Main Scenario Roulette?

As someone who’s never played an MMO before, the concept of dungeon crawling is pretty daunting. What even is a dungeon? What’s the point? And how do you even get started?

In short, a dungeon is an instance – a separate copy of an area that only your party can enter. When you’re in a dungeon, you’re typically working towards some sort of goal, whether that’s defeating a powerful enemy, collecting loot, or completing a puzzle.

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Dungeons are usually more challenging than the regular world content in an MMO, and as such, they typically require coordination and strategy to complete. In some cases, you might need to find and activate certain switches in the right order, or fight your way through hordes of enemies to reach a boss.

PRO TIP:When selecting your Main Scenario Roulette, make sure to check the dungeon list for the roulette you are queuing for. It is important to do this before queuing, so that you know which dungeons you will potentially be sent to.

Dungeons usually have different difficulty levels, so you can choose one that’s appropriate for your party’s skill level. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards will be.

Main Scenario Roulette is a great way to get started with dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV. It allows you to queue up for any of the game’s main story dungeons, and rewards you with bonus experience and tomestones (a currency used to purchase high-end gear) for completing them.

It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the game’s dungeon mechanics and learn how to play with other people in a group.