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Best Live Casinos ReviewsThe surge in internet users in the past couple of decades has also led to a major increase in the digitization of goods and services once only available offline. Among them online casinos, which are massively popular today. After all, why travel to your local casino when you can play in the comfort of your home? Not only do online casinos provide the same exciting as bricks-and-mortar casinos, but they also provide added benefits that you just can’t get anywhere else.

In an effort to bridge the divide between the real world and the digital one, live casinos have recently become standard fare at all excellent gambling sites. Live casinos allow players to interact as they would with a digital game while using real dealers, real cards, and interactive gameplay similar to that of a casino. You can even talk to the dealer and the other players.

While this is the preferred method of play for many users, knowing which live online casino sites in the EU is best can be tricky. After all, they all advertise their services with a similar mix of flamboyance and superlatives. That is why we have compiled a list of the best live casinos available to players in the EU based on reviews from a professional team of gamers.

Best Online Live Casino Sites in the EU

Casino Bonus Visit
1 500% + 150 FS 1st Deposit Review Play Now
2 250% on 1st deposit + 200% on 2nd Review Play Now
3 $6000 Welcome Bonus Pack Review Play Now
4 25 Free Chips Review Play Now
5 45 Free Spins Review Play Now
6 50 Free Spins Review Play Now

Live Casino Sites Explained 

Live Online Casinos UK ReviewsIf you love the thrill of gambling, you must know by now that you don’t need to drive or fly to your closest casino. Despite the excitement of those colorful, flashing lights, and cheap, smooth liquor, crashing on the couch with a beer and a laptop is way more relaxing.

There are various factors to consider when choosing which site to play on. Although there are many additional determinants that shape our reviews, but here are some of the most important ones we consider.

Gaming Software

What good is playing in a live casino if it isn’t any fun? Part of what determines the entertainment level of an online casino is the software that its games take advantage of. There are numerous companies that provide gaming software to online casinos. Companies like Microgaming, Playtech, Net Ent, and Betsoft are responsible for some of the most popular and attractive titles.

Site Security

Just as you wouldn’t give your credit card details to a shady online store, the same goes double for an online casino. Site security is paramount when choosing a live online casino and there are standard measures that must be employed for a casino to be considered safe. These include data encryption, SSL certification, and a history of good practices.


Sometimes there is a fine line between a con artist and a legitimate gaming site. Trustworthiness is a crucial factor in choosing an online casino. Make sure to seek out sites that run within the jurisdiction of strict legislatures and which are verified by services like eCOGRA, which help guarantee you are not being swindled.

Online Games and their Benefits

Digital vs. Live Gaming

On a non-live, virtual gaming site, you’re not actually playing with a real person. The results are all automated by gaming software. Even though everything still comes up to chance, the “chance” is not as sincere as if you were to play with a person dealing cards or making bets. Therefore, virtual gaming can feel a bit dull or fake. There can be a sense that the risk taken is not “real.”

Live gaming on online casinos takes place in real time on a casino gaming table from which the outcomes are streamed. Because these are true casinos with a higher overhead than virtual online gaming sites, they often offer less of a variety of game options. However, if you want a true casino experience, it is well worth the smaller variety.

The other factor to consider is the social aspect. Even though you’re in it for the cash and the chance – and maybe a little bit of distraction after a day’s work – there may be something more pleasing about winning against actual people and having real-time conversations. Virtual sites may mimic this experience by showing visuals of fake people, whereas, on a live site, you know that there is someone sharing in the game with you, bearing witness to your wins and losses. From a psychological perspective, and even a visual one, you truly are in a casino when you are logged into a live dealer casino. For many people, this is a big part of the fun.

Finding the Best Live Dealer Casino Sites

The Best Live Online Casinos of 2017

Real-time casinos often offer only the most popular, in-demand games, simply because the overhead is so high. Common games include roulette, poker, or craps. If most live sites offer the same games, then how can you find the best live casino online?

The first thing to consider is the casino design. This is the interface you will be seeing and using first hand, perhaps for hours per week. You want to feel comfortable and enjoy what you see. Live gaming sites have different looks and aesthetics. Click on some of our top rated sites to get a sense of what appeals to you.

While considering visuals, you also want to notice the image quality and loading time. If you can run a trial, do it. You will see the quality of the stream and get a feel for how you will be communicating with other players. Certainly, these aspects will have an effect on your attention span and overall enjoyment of the experience.

Finally, you might consider the price per value of live online casino games. Cost varies from site to site, so consider the start-up bonuses that sites offer you. Dundurn Casino, for example, offers a beginning bonus of up to 600 euros. That’s a serious amount of money that can be turned into even greater winnings.

Recommended Real-Time Casinos in 2017

Not only does Dunder offer a great start-up bonus, but it also has over 600 games in awe-inspiring graphics, making this a very addictive option, not only for your wallet but for your senses, too.

Casumo is another straightforward and fun live dealer casino. Not only can you have some relaxed fun, but taking out cash from your account is a breeze with fast withdrawals. And if you need to gamble on the go, Casumo games convert nicely to mobile devices and tablets.

With that being said, the online casino game scene is growing fast, so many top casinos offer new and cutting edge perks. All of our top rated casinos have something to offer you, from the weekend cashback special offered by 3Guts to the variety of live games at 888Casino. Take your time exploring the best fit for you.


Casumo LogoCasumo is reshaping how we think about online casinos. Unlike standard online casinos, which are made to emulate their real-world counterparts, Casumo offers a casino experience that is more like the games we interact with on a daily basis. They have essentially gamified gaming! Known for their fast cash withdrawal and mobile-friendly interface, Casumo is a great choice for a first-timer or someone simply looking for something new.


888 LogoWith over 25 million happy players, 888 holds a special place as king of all internet casinos. This status is well deserved, as the service offers amazing live specialty games, like Carribean stud poker, and premium player packages, which offer excellent deposit bonuses and daily incentives.


Betsafe Logo

As apparent from its name, Betsafe specializes in excellent gaming in a safe and secure environment. Serving hundreds of thousands of players in over 100 countries, they are also one of the most versatile platforms, allowing many users that other gambling sites leave behind. After more than a decade building user trust, Betsafe is a safe bet.


Hippodrome LogoBritons may know the Hippodrome as London’s biggest casino, but their online presence is just as impressive. Offering all of the classic casino games, in addition to some of the best live casinos on the internet, the Hippodrome is an old classic that will never go out of style.

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