What Happened to the President Riverboat Casino?

The President Riverboat Casino was a casualty of the Great Recession of 2008. The casino, which was located on the Mississippi River in Louisiana, closed its doors for good in 2010.

The casino had been in operation for about 15 years, and at its peak, employed over 400 people.

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The President Riverboat Casino was one of many casinos that dot the Mississippi River. The casino industry has long been an important part of the economy in Louisiana, and the closure of the President Riverboat Casino was a significant blow to the state.

PRO TIP:The President Riverboat Casino closed its doors in the summer of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the casino was set to reopen in 2021, it remains closed as of February 2021. The Illinois Gaming Board is currently exploring options for the future of the riverboat casino.

The closure of the casino also had a ripple effect on the local community. The casino had been a major employer in the area, and its closure led to a significant increase in unemployment.

The loss of jobs and income has had a negative impact on the local economy, and it may take years for the area to fully recover.

The President Riverboat Casino was a victim of economic forces beyond its control. The Great Recession dealt a severe blow to the casino industry, and many casinos were forced to close their doors.

The President Riverboat Casino was just one of many casualties of this economic downturn.