When Did Majestic Star Casino Close?

The Majestic Star Casino, located in Gary, Indiana, closed its doors on Monday, August 5th, 2019. The casino had been in operation for nearly 20 years.

The Majestic Star Casino was owned by Spectacle Entertainment. The company also owns the Hard Rock Casino in Gary.

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The two casinos are about a mile apart.

The closure of the Majestic Star Casino comes as a surprise to many. The casino had been doing well in recent years.

In 2018, the casino generated $84 million in revenue. That was up from $74 million in 2017.

PRO TIP:If you’re wondering when Majestic Star Casino closed, it shut its doors in February 2021 after more than two decades of operation.

The closure of the Majestic Star Casino will have a significant impact on the city of Gary. The casino employed nearly 500 people.

Those workers will now be out of a job.

The city of Gary will also lose out on revenue from the casino. The city received about $5 million a year from the Majestic Star Casino in taxes and fees.

The closure of the Majestic Star Casino is a blow to the city of Gary. The city was already struggling economically before the closure of the casino.

The loss of jobs and revenue will only make things worse for Gary.