A Complete Guide to X-poker Clubs (2022)

The latest app to join the ranks of social poker platforms is X-Poker. In 2020, they introduced the very first variant of their smartphone application, which quickly became a hit among Asian poker players. If you’ve played poker on apps like Poker Bros, you’ll find X-Poker Clubs to be a very similar experience.

X-poker website front page

A team of expert programmers and poker players created X-Poker, as claimed on the site. Starting a club and playing the app’s play money games is completely free, and anyone can do so on X-Poker. X-Poker supports multiple poker game formats similar to what you are familiar with on PokerBros. all of which are playable on iOS and Android devices or on a computer running an Android emulator.

The traffic is moderate because X-Poker is a new player in the poker industry. In 2021, we anticipated X-growth Pokers due to the site’s lenient action and excellent mobile poker offering. CasinoonlineTF gives its users Rakeback at X-Poker rooms if they sign up for an account with the site. In addition, CasinoonlinTF is a poker community where members can receive benefits like these at many different online poker rooms.

In this X-Poker review, we’ve included a comprehensive Q&A covering everything you need to know to get started. There’s no time like the present to begin a game in a. Let’s look more closely at what makes X-Poker so special…

How To Register in X-poker?

Want to download the X-Poker app but don’t know where to start?

Download X-poker on Google Play

The initial steps require little effort. To sign up for X-Poker, simply visit the website, download the app, and enter your information. After signing up for an account, the next steps are to join a club, make a deposit, and begin playing.

How Does X-poker Work?

X-Poker is a poker app without a central server. This means that X-Poker clubs and other reliable agents handle all monetary transactions. Agent-based model operating on a sandbox environment representing virtual currency, as in other well-known mobile poker applications.

Due to the decentralized nature of the model, there is no designated poker operator to run games or ensure payouts. The X-Poker app does not provide any actual money poker services; they only provide the required software and system for users to engage in virtual poker. Since they are just “play money,” the poker chips appear to have no actual value.

Depending on the club, winnings in chips can be cashed out for real money.

X-Poker club owners can form unions to attract more players and host more competitive tournaments. To get started, have your representative buy some X-Poker chips for you, and you can hit the tables. Your salary will be determined by the club’s chip ratio.

The rake is minimal, and the weekly account settlements are handled by the agents. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT are the three most widely used monetary systems on X-Poker. A Bitcoin wallet can be used for online poker.

The X-Poker network allows players to sign up for multiple clubs at once.

How Come More and More People are Playing X-Poker?

We have gathered a list of the primary factors that lead us to expect X-user Poker’s base to expand:

  • More relaxed than standard online poker rooms
  • The ratio of rake to pot size is competitive with other cellphone poker apps
  • The program is user-friendly, and it has excellent collaborative tools.
  • Poker is a game that can be played on a smartphone, regardless of location.
  • Compete not just with locals, but with people from all over the world.
  • Poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha (both 4 and 5-card versions), and Omaha high/low (OFC), are just some of the options.

X-poker app features

What Can You Expect From the X-Poker App

Once you’ve joined a club, this same software will display a list of all the available tables. At each table, you’ll find information about the bets, the number of players, and the type of game being played. It’s easy to get started playing your favorite game right away.

X-Poker App Design, Interface, and Features: Our Rating

Skilled coders at Funnygames created the X-Poker software and owned the patents and intellectual property for the game. You can play cards with some modern visuals and some brand new emojis. We put it through its paces on iOS, specifically on an iPhone X, and were blown away by the quality of the experience. We recommend that our players give the app a shot on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device because it performs admirably in our testing. Both the lobby and the games can be accessed with minimal effort.

Professional poker players can enjoy multi-table action on X-Poker. Fast table switching is one of the best features of the multitasking mode. Once you sit down at a poker table, you’ll notice some nice extras, such as a jackpot feature and a multitude of emojis. Clear and legible buttons and sliders facilitate actions at the table, such as checking, betting, and raising.

When compared to similar club-based apps, what are the disadvantages of this one? Although the games on X-Poker are generally of a high standard, the app does not see nearly as much action as the most popular mobile poker apps. Just like most play money apps, X-Poker is not authorized to offer to gamble legally.

What Kind of Poker Can You Enjoy on X-Poker (and at what stakes)?

Holdem, PLO, PLO 5, MTT, 6+, and OFC are all available on X-Poker. Jokers can be used in Open-Face Chinese poker games. The stakes for No Limit Hold ’em games start at NL1k, while PLO2k games can be found for Omaha players. All sorts of games are available for micro and low-stakes poker players. Since 6+ Hold’em is so popular in Asia, X-Poker also features short deck poker tables (with easy games, of course).

X-poker games

The higher stakes can operate occasionally, but not often enough. The softer than average games make up for, the smaller number of players compared to larger, more well-known poker sites. Playing here is more like sitting down with your buddies for a game of poker at your house than it is on the other major poker networks.

Rake and Rakeback

X-Poker rooms typically have a rake of 5% with a maximum of 3 BBs. The person in charge of a game or club determines this. All cash game tables use the Weighted Contributed method to determine the rake, and there is a strict no flop, no drop policy in place.

On X-Poker, we provide 30%-40% Rakeback based on your volume. If you want the best Rakeback deals at the X-Poker clubs, send us a message on Telegram with your player ID. Reaching out to our support staff via Telegram is the quickest way to set up a Rakeback deal.

X-poker Promotions and Advertising Campaigns

Club-specific bonuses, contests, and campaigns are at your agent’s discretion. You’ll receive Rakeback and a deposit guarantee when you join through CasinoonlineTF. As more organizations and clubs sign up for X-Poker, we anticipate an increase in interest in tournament events.

How Do I Fund my X-Poker Account and Withdraw My Winnings?

After creating an account, select a deposit method from those provided by your broker. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are widely used for deposits and withdrawals.

Do You Have Access to Monitoring Tools Like PT4 or HEM?

Trackers and HUDs from outside sources are permitted. However, the rules strictly prohibit cheating in the form of poker solvers or other real-time aids. When users press on a player’s profile, they’ll see some basic statistics, just like in other app-based poker games. If you have a VIP card, you’ll have access to more detailed information about each player. In-app purchases of VIP cards can be made at the store.

Join A Club in X-Poker

Launch X-Lobby Poker’s interface, enter the Club ID and referral ID, then hit the search button. If you fill out the form and click “Apply” on the different page that opens, it will be forwarded to the club’s owner.

How to join a club in X-poker

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